Udemy Review 2021 : Is Udemy Worth It?

Who does not want to learn new skills? If you are like many smart people, you may have come here to find an answer to the question: “is Udemy worth it?” This full and honest review is what you need. I have used Udemy as an instructor and as a student. I have sold a couple of online courses on Udemy, and yes, I have enrolled in several courses offered by experts in niches I love to know more.

Video review

Udemy gives expert tutorials for a few bucks. Mostly 10 dollars!

Udemy Review:

“Udemy is a platform for anyone that wants to learn a new skill. There are invaluable courses on Udemy as there are really shitty courses. If you know your way around, you will pick up a satisfying and rewarding course and at a fair cost too. You can also use Udemy for business to train your employers. And you may find Udemy as a platform for passive income as an instructor if you can work with their outrageous down-pricing.”

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From Udemy itself, the name means You Academy or your academy. It’s a training platform that houses more than 130,000 different courses on several different subjects and niches. At the time of writing this review, an estimate shows that 50 million students have enrolled in several courses on Udemy.

The User Experience

First, let’s look at the website. It is well designed. They have a lot of amazing features that have evolved over many years. You can use the search tab to search and find just any course you want to learn on virtually everything that is done under the sun!

Udemy courses

So as I said, Udemy is a personal online learning or teaching platform. This means it is open to all and sundry. Anyone and everyone can come in to create and sell or buy any course on Udemy.

Well, whether those courses are good or not, depends on what you need. But one thing I love about Udemy is their money-back guarantee. This assures you that you are not losing your money to some crap course a moron is trying to market online. If you complain about a course, Udemy will refund your money. And yes, you could also help other potential students by telling them how “good” the course is in your 1-star review.

Your rating of any course matters. So does every other person’s. Udemy rates the courses according to reviews. So you see the course ratings first in the course description. That should inform your decision.

The course page interface is pretty friendly. You get the standard preview video, course requirements, and a description, students’ feedback, etc.
How to Choose the Best Udemy Courses
In addition to following other people’s recommendations, you can – of course – also browse Udemy’s catalog of over 100,000 courses.

It can feel quite overwhelming, but at long as you follow some simple guidelines, you shouldn’t go far wrong:

Udemy Review
On each course page the student review will be below, scroll down.

Before you Pay for A course

  • Read plenty of the udemy reviews – Most of the courses have good reviews. It will be fishy if you find a course with no bad reviews at all. Watch out for fake reviews.
  • Research the instructor – Some Udemy instructors are big gurus in their fields; most of them are only hobbyists. Make sure to look well into the instructor’s credentials before signing up.
  • Try a sample – Most courses offer some preview content. That will help you get a good idea of what’s in it, the teaching style, and everything before you add to cart.

The checkout process is also comfortable and familiar. After you have added the course to the cart, you will be required to sign in or register. Then, you would choose a payment method, and enjoy! You can even gift a course. When you pick that option, you input the recipient’s info instead of yours, and voila!

Naturally, it would be almost impossible to check all of the courses on the platform to find out if Udemy is worth it or not. Just know that the instructors themselves market most of the courses on Udemy. No instructor will talk badly about their courses. Some can even hire up a few people to help them rate their courses.

I think that Udemy should have a system that checks the quality of the courses. But with the influx of thousands of courses uploaded per day, I don’t think that is possible. Udemy is out to make money. To sell. So you should be wary of which course you put your money on.

On TrustPilot, for example, Udemy has a lot of bad reviews. This may be because they did not see the students’ feedback area before they bought a bad course, or they did not use Udemy’s refund policy.

Features and Functionality

The learning experience on Udemy is cool and normal. The courses are categorized into a series of modules and lessons. The modules can include videos, text notes, and assessment tests called resources.

The in-built video player has all the usual features, such as a closed captioning toggle, transcript, to help you make notes as you pass through a course.

As a general rule, it is not possible to download courses for offline viewing for piracy reasons. However, it is interesting that if you have the Udemy mobile app, you can study offline. It even has a podcast-style mode, which you can use to listen to lectures on the move, which is a great feature.


On Udemy’s “Student FAQ” page, Udemy states that they are not responsible for the pricing of their courses and that the instructors are. This means that the prices you see on the site are determined solemnly by the instructors. One thing, though, if you are looking to sell your courses as an instructor is that when you use promotions, there can be a discount from Udemy on your course.

There are expensive courses, and there are cheaper courses. You know how that works, right?

There are also free courses on Udemy, but the company makes sure that these free courses will not give you anything more than two hours of information. A free course can mean that the instructor wants to build a name or is looking to increase awareness.

Udemy For Business

Business owners know that company employers need progressive training to keep abreast with the world standards in their industry. Udemy offers a unique option for this. This allows a company to buy a course for all the members in a department or the entire company. You can buy a course in this category in any language you prefer.

Udemy for business is available in all niches and industries for companies all over the world.

Udemy Instructors

A lot of teachers and gurus are making tons of money from Udemy. As an instructor myself, I use Udemy, and I like it. However, Udemy gives the students more importance over instructors. Which means you might be treated unfairly sometimes.

Generally, Udemy splits the money earned on courses 50/50 with the instructors. However, various factors determine that percentage.

As I mentioned, people are making tons of money from selling courses on Udemy. If you can create original content, and even something better than whatever is already out there, then you might have a genuine chance of making a living from selling your own courses.

Alternatives to Udemy
There are other alternatives to Udemy out there. Some are even rated better.

Take a look at:

edX – a big training platform, with accredited courses from Berkeley, Harvard, etc.
LinkedIn Learning – a superb option for casual training.

Linda – Learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Skillshare –  Something New With Classes in Illustration, Design, Photography, and More. Millions of Creators Learning.

Udemy Review (Deep)

Like so many other online marketplaces, you get what you input from Udemy. That said, if pay for a shitty course and you didn’t check reviews, you would probably regret wasting your time, even if you have only spent 20 Dollars!

But if you choose a recommended course and take your studying seriously, it will enhance your career or put you on a new and rewarding one.

You can even choose a great option for all your company’s employers.

And as an instructor, you should never dive in to make a quick buck from teaching rubbish. Set out to make an excellent course, and you can set your sights on being a “six-figure” Udemy instructor.

So, this is DeepReview on Udemy. We’ve covered most of the common bullet points that come into question when thinking about whether or not to buy a Udemy course. Now, let’s quickly look at our “Pros and Cons” list.


  • So many courses
  • Easy user interface
  • No technical issues
  • Udemy cares a lot about its students
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Pricing can be confusing
  • There may be fake reviews on some courses

Here, you go. You have all you need. You can now buy a Udemy tutorial and start learning. If not, you can check on the alternatives. Remember to come back for more reviews. If you want us to review any product, a course, or a movie, comment below or send us an email.

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