How to Keep Coyotes Out of Your Home

Aunty Gladys called me last year and there was panic in her voice because there was a coyote in her yard. She was absolutely terrified. That is quite understandable. The howls, the mess they make with your pets and around the house makes everyone hate coyotes as guests. Coyotes can scatter everything in your trash cans all over your yard, destroy your garden and poop everywhere. You can even get infected from a coyote’s droppings. And because they come in packs, you may have trouble entertaining all of them. In this article, I will explain to you what to do when you meet a coyote, how to keep coyotes out of your chicken coop, house or yard.

One thing I have come to learn about coyotes is that they are reclusive animals. That means they try to avoid human contact. Coyotes are naturally afraid of you. The only issue is that they may get used to being around you that they become less fearful and more aggressive. Your pets are at risk if you have coyotes around. You must keep them afraid of you.

So how can you keep coyotes out of your house?

How to Get Rid of Coyotes

First, coyotes are wild animals, and you must never forget that they are carnivorous too. They can hurt you. They can kill your sheep, eat your chickens, kill your little vulnerable pets and terrorize bigger ones.

Now, in this post, I will make this easy. You may encounter a coyote in many different situations and your approach must be corresponding to actually work. I will explain what you should do to keep coyotes away.

What Should I Do If I Met a Coyote on the Road?

Coyotes have been around in more urban places than before. They may scare your pet if you are going out with them for a walk. What if you are taking a stroll and you encounter a coyote?

Step 1 – Identify the animal.

Well, you may be chasing a neighbor's new dog thinking that it is a coyote. Make sure. Coyotes have smoother fur than dogs, with a more pointed muzzle, and their foreheads are flatter. A dog's chest looks so deep and a coyote's a little shallow, and that gives the impression that a coyote has longer legs than a dog. Once you have identified the coyote, do the next step.

Step 2 – Haze the animal away.

Hazing means using several means to shoo an animal away. 
How to Haze a Coyote
You can yell at them while waving your arms. Do that while advancing towards the coyote. 

You can make scary noises with whistles, air horns (click here to see air horns on Amazon), or just anything to make noise.

Congratulations, you just made a coyote run off.

Step 3 – Report the incident to the relevant places.

What Should I Do If a Coyote is in My Yard?

Coyotes are not naturally comfortable around humans. Nevertheless, when an animal is hungry, he can go to any lengths to satisfy his pains.

Step 1 – Never leave any food out in the

What attracts coyotes more is pet food or remnant food left exposed in trash cans. If your pet has unfinished food outside, make sure to move it in. Collect your trash can and keep it away from your yard.

Step 2 – Haze the animal away.

You should shout and scare the coyote out. Never try to go near a coyote by yourself or beat it. Coyotes can become aggressive and attack you if you go near.

Step 3 – Build a fence around the yard.

In most cases, coyotes return to the crime scene. If this happens, build a fence with an outward slant because as that will make it harder for a coyote to get in. If you build a fence that is not slanted, coyotes may climb in from there.
Coyotes have gone away from your yard.

What Should I Do If a Coyote is in my Shed?

A coyote can love the comfort of your shed. As I told you earlier, never try to remove a sleeping or comfortable coyote by yourself. Coyotes may have rabies, and you don’t want to be touched by a rabid animal. 

Step 1 – Open the entrance and stand back.

Don’t move too close to the coyote, but register your presence, so that it knows that it is not welcomed there. 

Step 2 – Haze the animal away.

You can hit the shed, a pan, or anything that will scare the animal away. Do this until the coyote runs out of the shed.

Step 3 – Block every entrance that leads into the shed.

After the coyote is away, go out and block every other places that it can come back in through that you may not have noticed before. 
Congratulations! Your shed is free. Make sure to keep them away.

What Should I Do If a Coyote is in my Chicken Coop?

If you have a chicken coop, that is one of the places a coyote would love to stay. They will kill your chickens and cause a great deal of mess for your business. 

Step 1 – Get a guard dog.

If you run a poultry farm, you should get yourself a big guard dog. Coyotes hate dogs and when a dog is bigger than the coyote, the coyote runs away. Only make sure that the dog is trained so well that it doesn't attack the chickens you get it to protect.

Step 2 – Install a fence.

You should keep the coyote out of your chicken coop. A fence will do good. The taller the fence, the better it will be at keeping coyotes out. You can get good fences on Amazon.

Step 3 – Install motion sensor lights

You can also install a motion sensor gadget outside of the chicken coop so that a light will go on when a coyote is near, as they likely enter the coop at nights while you and your chickens are asleep. 

If a light suddenly turns on on the coyote, he'll get nervous and fidgety and would run away. Some motion sensors trigger a sprinkler system that contains coyote repellent substances.  This will make the coyote too nervous to come close.

Congratulations! Coyotes are out of your chicken coop. Check these amazing motion sensors out.

How to Keep Coyotes Out So That They Will Not Come Back

1. Take out every attracting food sources that they may find. If you have pets, feed them indoors and never leave your pet's food outside.

2. Seal all your trash cans tightly every night. It is even safer to keep all trash cans in the garage to prevent coyotes from foraging in your yard.

3. Ensure to dispose of all waste properly waste to keep your rodent populations down. Coyotes can be attracted to rats and other rodents around your house. 

4. Remove all cover vegetation, such as grasses, bushes, and trees, and keep your environment clean and bare. You should leave no place for the critters to hideout.

5. Build a tall fence. If you have a properly constructed fence around your house, coyotes will not even bother you again once you have expelled them from your yard. You can build a strong wire mesh or pickle strips in your fence to make it taller. Coyotes are mostly able to jump over short fences and will not jump over taller ones. Coyotes can dig too. So it is better to build your fence so that it extends below ground level by a few feet. If possible, put a layer of concrete around the fence inside the ground. Another way is to get an electrified fence.

6. Set traps. There are many effective traps you can use to catch coyotes. There are paw traps, live traps, etc. You can get effective paw traps, or big cages on Amazon at amazingly affordable prices.

7. Use coyote repellent. You should look at this website where I found great humane and legal ways to repel coyotes.

Coyotes can be dangerous. You will be able to keep them out of your house and your property for good. Be more homie, enjoy. Remember to share this post with your family with love.

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