How to Hide Security Camera (20 Creative Ways Indoor/Outdoor)

Three things happened in my neighborhood that would never have if there were no hidden cameras. (1) My next flat neighbor fired her babysitter for stealing, (2) Police arrested the man who burgled my apartment and I recovered my stolen stuff, and (3) some nosy no-gooders broke aunt Gladys’ security camera. People hate to feel watched. We all want privacy. Yet, there is a need to be very surveillant around your home. You cannot be too cautious. In this post, I will show you creative ways to hide your security cameras so well that burglars, visitors, or anyone will not notice it, while you watch their every move.

If aunt Gladys had listened to my advice to hide her outdoor cameras, she would still have them by now. Dangling and exposed cameras will even make your house (interior or exterior) décor look stupid and over-evasive. It will also be the first thing thieves and vandals will destroy when they want to attack you. It is important that you understand how you can hide your cameras inside and outside, with the wires too. I will break this post into three sections.

So, if you love to watch how things go on in your house, or you just want to play the secret agent on your neighbors, go out there and buy some quality surveillance cameras off of Amazon and come back to this post and let’s talk bout how you can hide them. We should talk about that right now? Okay, I got you.

How to Hide Indoor Security Cameras

People will really feel disconcerted if they suddenly find that they have been under a watchful-eye camera all along. That will not be good for your perfectly planned dinner. If you want to keep your visitors coming and your properties safe at the same time, you have to get creative. Here are some ways to get it done inside the house while even getting it into the interior décor.

#1 – Buy a Decorative Wall Clock

If you are a lover of beauty and classy décor, you would love this. In my house, I have this wall clock (check picture below)

Can you spot my camera among those glimmering shiny bits? I bet you can’t. You can get yourself one such decorative wall clock here on Amazon. You would simply hide a camera among those holes or you may have to remove one of those oval decorations and replace it with a camera. If your camera has wires, you may want to scroll down a little bit to read about the creative ways we have come up with to hide your camera’s wires. Well, I use a wireless spy camera well hidden and out of sight. You can buy yourself one here on Amazon if you’ve got C-notes to spare, you could click here for brand new wireless spy cameras.

In hindsight, though, there are many wall clocks out there that have spy cameras fitted in them. If you want, you can get one of those. But that is only beside the point. A thief may try to check what time it is and that makes us register his face well. That helped me get my stuff back from a thief.

#2 – Fit A Camera Behind/Beside A Bulb Cover

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Well, no one would be staring into a lightbulb for long. If your ceiling is decorated, or if you like artistry, you can hide your camera and still be aesthetic with it. If you buy this bulb ceiling mount, for instance, you could hide a camera on the edges and pass the wires up through the ceiling or along the rungs on the roof. That way, no one can suspect that you have a camera in there.

There are other models that you can use where you may have to fit a camera into the part where there should be a bulb. Because it will be on the ceiling, it will be able to capture more than any other angle positioning.

#3 – Hide your Camera Among Children Toys

This is how aunt Gladys did it with her indoor cameras. I first asked her if she got any toys around that no one is using, or would ever play with. She showed me some of Clara’s old teddy bears and her bath duck. I said, “Bingo!”

Then, I found a yellow tape and wrapped it around the camera. That made me look like some useless old toy. I took it along with the duck and the teddy bears. When I mounted the camera on the top of her TV, I placed it beside the teddy bear and the duck was there too. It looked like a big-eyed alien.

You can create your own stuffed toy. When you do that, put the camera inside it and let it sit.

#4 – Hide it Inside A Flower Vase

Artificial flowers, real flowers, and air purifiers are popular these days. You can hide a spy camera in any of these and conceal so well that no one will find them or suspect a thing.

#5 – In the Medicine Cabinet

I would not believe that thieves would go into your medicine cabinet to check whatever is in there, except of course if a thief is your doctor. You can hide a camera on or inside the medicine cabinet. You can keep the camera in a toothpaste box and keep it in the cabinet.

#6 – Hide A Camera in A Cup in the Mini-Bar

It is fair to have a minibar in your living room or somewhere around the house. Regardless of the interior décor of your house, you can hide a camera in one of the bottles on the shelf or anywhere there.

#7 – On the Edge of Curtain Rods

People rarely look up into the edges of the curtains, unless your curtain rods are very expensive or catchy. You can fit the camera right into the hole of the rod and pass the wires inside it well to hide it. If the camera is small and might fall into the hole, you can simply mount it on the wall right behind the rod itself.

#8 – On a Book Shelf

If you follow spy movies, you would see that bookshelves are very useful, either as a secret passageway, or some hideout for weapons or so. You can mount a camera on the upper part of the bookshelf and point it outward to surveil the room. Surround the camera with books.

#9 – On the Mantle

Like the bookshelf, the mantle is also a good hideout. You may hide a camera on the mantle and surround it with several books to keep it out of sight.

#10 – Camouflage the Camera

Camo works well to hide almost everything. For instance, a white camera will stick out too conspicuously in the room. But if it has print all over it, it will be more covert. There are even more creative ways to do this. For example, you can buy a decorative skin cover for your camera to make it feel like a table toy.

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You can buy this camouflage along with the compatible camera on Amazon.

How to Hide Outdoor Security Cameras

Now let’s take it outside.

#11 – Bury the Camera in a Tree

This may seem very obvious. No one will be going into the foliage in search of anything, unless they are fruit thieves, of course! Make sure to arrange the leaves to cover the camera from sight.

#12 – Front Porch Bulb

The goal is to place the camera out of anyone’s line of sight. People seldom look at lightbulbs. If your camera is in or on the bulb, it will use the lighting well.

#13 – Get a Bird House

Well, I would not be going to someone’s house and be peering into a birdhouse I see there. You can hide a camera in a birdhouse and have it face out.

#14 – Hide the Camera in Your Mail Box

The mailbox can be a very good hiding spot for security cameras.

#15 – Beside the Side Boards

Right in the edge where your ceiling connects to the roof, you can hide a security camera there and keep it hidden.

#16 – Right Above the Door Hole/ Replace the Door Hole

The purpose of the door hole is for you to see whoever it is that is on your porch or at your door while you are inside the house. You can remove the door hole and replace it with a security camera to surveil the entire outside even when you are not inside.

#17 – Hide Camera on Off-Street Window

If you put a camera by the window, you can be able to see the door. Even though passers-by may see, a person coming into your house may not.

How to Hide the Wires of Your Security Camera

To protect your camera, you need to protect the wires. Professional burglars and thieves can actually recognize the wires and trace it to the camera. Even if they don’t trace the wires, they can cut the wire and you lose every connection. Here is how you can conceal your camera wires from outsiders.

#18 – Paint the Wires

One best way to camouflage wires is to give them the same color as the background. For example, if your camera wire is passed along your ceiling, you should paint the wires the same color as your ceiling. To do this right, it will be easy if you staple the wire to the ceiling, or the walls, in any case.

#19 – Hide your wires in a cord cover

Cord covers that match your wall or your ceiling will work magic to conceal the wires from onlookers.

#20 – Do a conduit

You can hide the wire inside the wall. There are several ways to do this, and it sadly requires that you make a channel in your wall to cover up the wire.

Tips and Reminders on How to Hide your Security Cameras

Where and how you position your camera affects the performance. Here are some useful tips that will help you get the best out of your security camera placement to give you optimum results.

1. Don’t place the cameras too high

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they place their cameras at a high altitude. That will obviously affect what the camera sees. Although it is important that you must keep your camera out of the reach of people, you should not take it higher than 9 feet. And ensure you cover and protect your outdoor security camera from the weather.

2. Understand what you want your cameras to capture and place it there.

Cameras cannot multitask. The angle you place it determines what it will do. For instance, if you place on an off-street window, you may be able to capture a thief’s license plate while he is escaping. If you hide in your wall clock, it is possible that you would be able to capture his or her face.

3. If you want to use a Security Camera at Doorways and Windows, ensure it has a Wide Dynamic Range.

If a camera does not have a WDR, the images will come out and will be blurry. This is because doorways and windows may have dark and bright sides. Without WDR, the camera may not capture every detail.

4. Position the Security Camera where there is enough lighting

No matter where you place your security cameras, you must ensure that the lighting is good enough to catch every detail of what is happening. Especially at night time. Some cameras are equipped with night vision technology, even then, the camera needs lighting so to record clear footage in the dark. Even so, you must avoid putting your camera too close to bright lights. That will disrupt the picture. If it was an outdoor video surveillance camera, do not point it at direct sunlight. That will cause the resulting image to have ugly stripes.

Your home is safe now, isn’t it? Go get yourself those security cameras and hide them well from vandals. Come back and tell us which way you use in the comments section. We love to know your own creative idea too.

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