How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

No matter how hard they try, those tiny little creatures called sugar ants cannot resist a bite of doughnut especially one with jam and sugar in it. And it is their weakness for sweet things that always gets them killed. They appear in homes at the most unwelcome hours and just make one's back hairs stand.

How do you get rid of sugar ants? If you've had to deal with these little creatures in your home for some time and now cannot just take it anymore, you are finally on the same page with us. From the method of vinegar to that of the legendary lemon squeeze, we have come to the end of our patience too and are now going to share with you twelve proven tactics to get rid of sugar ants and win this power tussle forever.

Reclaim Your Home From Sugar Ants Forever

Sugar ants come from outside and they build their nests in dark and undisturbed areas of your house such as in between the cracks of walls, in holes and in underground spaces.  To deal with sugar ants, we have explained different methods that are classified under two categories of natural methods and chemical methods.

Natural Methods of Getting Rid of Sugar Ants

Natural Methods of Getting Rid of Sugar Ants
  1. Vinegar Wipe and Spray: Vinegar is an effective method of killing sugar ants. Its effectiveness transcends just the killing of ants as vinegar is useful for so many other things such as cleaning jewelry. So a jar of it that you purchase will be useful even after you have successfully gotten rid of the sugar ants. To prepare a vinegar spray, find an old spray bottle, wash it up with soap and water if need be. A mixture of water and vinegar in equal halves will do just fine as the vinegar spray. Spray the mixture over the kitchen surface where the ants are feasting and watch what happens. 
  2. Bay Leaves: Those brown leaves do much more than to look brown. Spread bay leaves in your kitchen cabinet and in the corners of the surface of your kitchen table. Ants don't like that and will stay far away from you and yours, and that completes victory in battle.
  3. Garlic: The use of garlic cloves will help to drive ants away when you place them on countertops. You can take this one step ahead and make garlic juice by boiling garlic in water, then spray or sprinkle in case you don't have a spray bottle. This helps to make the content more readily available to send sugar ants away from your home.
  4. Lemon Squeeze: You're not the only one who feels lemon is sour and cannot be taken in by the fainthearted. Spraying lemon juice around your home hurts the ants so bad that once they sense it, they bid you goodbye, and unceremoniously too.
  5. Chalk Mixture: Here's another rather cheap way to combat the tiny brown creatures. Get a pack of chalk and do a dissolve of some of them in water. Then spray.
  6. Salt: Salt dries out the exoskeleton of sugar ants and eventually kills them. So put some salt over your cabinet and watch them file away in order to escape the impending doom. After they're gone, wipe the salt from off your countertop to prevent it from getting messy.
  7. Chilli Pepper: Just as the sugar ants love sugar and can die for it, they hate chilli pepper and will not die for it. Place slices of chilli in their paths and let them scamper.

Chemical Methods of Getting Rid of Sugar Ants

These methods use more synthetic products to kill sugar ants but they are very effective.

  1. Insecticide: Since they're insects, an insecticide that works for a wide range of animals on the insect group will clear out sugar ants within seconds. The only downside to this is that you may also inhale some of the insecticides in the process which may hurt your nose. Also, you will have to leave the sprayed area for a while to let the poisonous odor leave the room. If you don't have the patience or the luxury of time to use this method, then try this next one.
  2. Powdered Borax and Sugar: This is essentially regarded as a chemical trap. Mix up sugar with powdered borax. The ants will consume both without a care in the world, and since borax is poisonous for them, they will eventually get the message.
  3. Baking Soda and Sugar: Just like powdered borax and sugar, this mixture is also a trap. In the ratio 1:2, mix sugar and baking soda in a dry bowl and spread in the area where the ants are feasting.
  4. Borax and Jam: Another suicide mixture. Mix jam and borax up and use it to lure the sugar ants to their own death.
  5. Essential oils: A good example of essential oil you can use is in cinnamon. Prepare a mixture of cinnamon and water and make a generous water spray, leaving no space uncovered.

More Control Methods for Sugar Ants

Can I get rid of sugar ants permanently? Yes, you can.

Although they do not have stingers, they usually leave funny and itchy sensation on one's skin. Also, they can soil one's food when they climb into it to do their foraging. Instead of dreading returning to your own home because of ants that might have arrived there, be proactive by destroying their nests, especially by spraying between the window sills, in wall cracks, and in moist places. Here are a few tips to rid them and make sure they never return.

Always take out your trash early: Ants love moist undisturbed areas like the garbage and will have their way in you home as long as you keep your refuse for too long before taking it out.

Spray Your Yard Regularly: By all means, ensure that you are aware of pest control and spray the outside of your house often. This does not keep just the sugar ants away, but.some other annoying creatures will also stay far from you.

Take Action Once You Notice Them: The very moment that you notice sugar ants invading, takes important steps to get rid of them using any of the methods explained above. Do this immediately. And if you notice that you're finding it difficult to do this on your own, give the exterminator a call, explaining your horror. 

Now, Go and Win!

This is the point where we say good luck to you. Keep your home free of sugar ants and stay happy. We always care so you can leave us comments to let us know how it goes. Thanks for visiting.

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