Envato Market Review (Read this First)

Envato Market is the leading digital software marketplace across the whole world. This Australian based platform has opened up a plethora of creative possibilities for every design projects. Not only that, but the Envato market is also an unparalleled marketplace that is densely populated by thousands of talented developers, creators, world-class designers, illustrators, photographers, and producers who in every ticking of time sell and buy some wide range of digital goods.

Interestingly, those above are not just the limit to what they offer, and despite how their platform can be perfectly utilized in building and launching of web assets from scratch. This amazing platform still offers a vast range of web assets at very low prices—no wonder why Envato remains the biggest in the online sector.

Who Are Envato Market For?

Anyone that has an online business would find no alternative to this platform, as Envato Market is the only place where you can find all the assets you needed to succeed and make your website a great one.

Having access to millions of their digital products requires one to have an Envato Elements membership, because to at least browse the Envato market sites, it's necessary to be or above 16 years. Needless to say that of membership that requires you to be 18 years or above, this is so because any information provided by anyone under 16 will not be accepted. Likewise, anyone under 18 must provide a parent or any legal guardian (who is above 18) to take every responsibility for their transactions.

What Envato Market Offers

Envato Market is undoubtedly the best place to find marketing and accessible business assets, great popup tools as well as software that will help you with your whatsoever projects. Quite a lot of web owners have openly made it known that the themes proficiency provided by Envato is incomparable to those used by bloggers and other experts.

From website templates to vector graphics, Add-ons for Adobe Photoshop, 3D Models, and other related transactions, millions of creatives have been buying and selling different digital goods in this marketplace. All these have significantly helped millions of members in the Envato community to improve their online ventures, get creative, and on top of that, enabling them to earn online in a big way. Below are some of the amazing offer you can find on this platform;

  • PhotoDune
  • ThemeForest
  • CodeCanyon
  • VideoHive
  • GraphicsRiver
  • 3DOcean

What you need to know about the web items they offer:


Ranging from the photos of animals, travel, nature, health, food, and a host of others taken by experts, this incredible platform offers a plethora of photos that are suitable for all kinds of projects needed to enhance your marketing efforts at meager prices.


Did you know that with this platform, you can get up to over 42,759 templates and themes? Exceptionally, all is just with a token of $2. Much so that you don't even need to be looking for a ThemeForest elsewhere, this platform is just here for you to caters to all your website templates and WordPress which will, in turn, gives you all the resources you need to create a perfect and an ideal website.


If what you sought for are plugins and scripts, move no further than to this platform, because this is precisely where you should go to. With about 26,705+ e-commerce, WordPress, free scripts, JavaScript, and plugins. CodeCanyon has a wide range of tools and plenty of ideas like mapping tools and bare bone apps.


The surplus video of over 709,156 stock footage that web owners can use for each of their projects, as well as the video effect that's much needed by your business, is what makes this platform to be very astounding. It can then be safely said that it is indeed an ideal option in enhancing your video making, especially for specialists in video marketing.


Looking for new media and graphic assets shouldn't be of any problem when you already have this quite helpful platform at your disposal. This platform has over 663k fonts, icons, logos, and other high-quality products that can be rightly used in all your projects, hence making it to be the best option for your graphics need.

A wide range of icons and other assets like mock-ups, tool add-on, t-shirts designs, background graphics, game graphics et cetera are also found in this platform with low prices each.


This is a great asset for creating 3D designs on websites. Some tools that would inspire whoever that want to 3D designs with exceptional ideas is what 3D designers will appreciate.

Prerequisites For Using Envato Market

Envato market account will be given to you immediately after you become a member. It is this membership that will allow you to buy items mostly at a cheap rate from authors. For authors, Envato charges fees for allowing the author to sell on their platform.

However it is very important to understand one golden rule that binds all transactions on the Envato market, you have to carefully consider the compatibility of your chosen items before purchase, as any complete purchase can not be canceled.

  • Great support and a massive collection of web items
  • Low-cost monthly fee
  • Zero subscription fee
  • User-friendly port
  • Certain elements like graphics, videos et cetera are sometimes mistakingly mislabeled by their creator. They might even mistakingly add them to sections where those items didn't belong.
  • Searching for the right items might be a daunting task owing to the high volume of choice.

Definition Of Terms

  1. Author: Member who provides items for sale on Envato market
  2. Buyer: A person who buys items provided by the author
  3. Envato market account: Gives you access to any of the Envato market sites when you become a member
  4. Items: All the digital goods found on the Envato market
  5. Your content: This is all that you post on Envato market or send to other members on the platform
  6. Item price: It is the price paid by the buyers to have the license of using an item.

Wrapping it Up

In all ramifications, Envato market has proved to be a time and money worthy platform with its diverse and updated web software library that's handled by experts. Plus it is a very reliable platform with quality digital assets at a cheap service price.

This very write-up is purposely to quench your thirst by answering whatsoever questions you got about this marketplace. By now, you should be able to make an informed decision and subsequently figure out if Envato Market is the right choice for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start surfing for digital assets like no tomorrow.

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