Avast Secureline VPN Review (Read to know better)

In 2014, Avast took the tech world by storm by launching an innovative private network, Avast SecureLine VPN. Alas, by then, the whole world has never witnessed such a smart move in VPN technology.

This brilliant step from avast is geared at providing users with VPN features they can't find elsewhere, a groundbreaking achievement that no company has ever achieved from time immemorial.

Despite being one of the world's largest security companies for everyday technologies against real-time cyber attacks, the company deters not in the vast range of online security services they use to offer. Instead, Avast swiftly steps up the ladder by creating a unique Secureline VPN, one of the most excellent additions to the company's consumer technology. This new product by Avast has since then remarkably stand out from the crowd out there.

Interestingly, users have nothing to worry about as the compatibility of this VPN service to their devices. Avast SecureLine VPN supports more than five(5) devices operating systems, ranging from PC to iPhone, Android TV, iPad, Android, and Mac. It also supports Windows (7 and up), Nvidia Shield TV, and Vista, allowing up to 5 simultaneous connections that will promptly enable you to stream games and download big files.

Avast Secureline VPN Technical Details.


Avast SecureLine states that their servers run on 2Gbps connections and that the speeds of 400-600Mbps are often achieved on the company's speed tests. However, to see how they heap up against all the competition and how fast compared to other company VPN, a speed test was carried out primarily on US' and Netherlands' servers. The overwhelming results with Avast VPN in both countries reveal how fastest their speed is. Below are the results of the speed test carried out in both countries:

US server

Ping: 113 ms

Download: 67.94 Mbps

Upload: 13.67 Mbps

Netherlands server

Ping: 34 ms

Download: 65.97 Mbps

Upload: 39.44 Mbps

The above results showcase a highly impressive connection speed, especially for whom the utmost concern is the speed in torrenting and streaming high-quality content from Netflix, Shudder et cetera. They've proven to be very consistent regardless of distance, which is more important than hitting the highest figures.


While the speed test result may sound so fantastic, Avast SecureLine VPN also stands tall to match the dangers that hang around internet usage. The level of blazingly fast security and privacy provided by this Secureline VPN is just mind-bogglingly! For good measure, they've then tactically put up two militant super important grade secure connection protocols: OpenVPN, IPsec, and IKEv2, which are unbreakable for all practical purposes.

The DNS, kill switch, IP leak, and 256-bit AES encryption, which is virtually considered as brute-force proof by the vast majority of top security and government agencies was likewise put in place.

The above is to provide nonstop protection of your data and information from any form of cyber-attacks and prevent WebRTC and DNS leaks that can lead online criminals and hackers in.

With the above genuine confidential services rendered by Avast SecureLine VPN, anyone who does think twice about using the internet to manage every aspect of his life should have by now consider using a secure VPN such as Avast's.


It is interesting that people who download heavily, mostly from torrent, will find this very apt. The site does support and even peer-to-peer support torrenting on some services, which are primarily through data centers in the underlisted countries: New York, Paris France, United kingdom, Miami, Florida, Frankfurt, Germany, Prague, Czech Republic, Seattle, Washington Amsterdam, and Netherlands.

So, you got no problem with torrenting as it has some features to safeguard you with an automatic kill switch. That said, torrent downloads and P2P file sharing are both allowed, and they are both marked on the server selection screen, making it very easy to know what server you want for connection.


Seamless Usability On All Devices

Avast SecureLine VPN has an intuitive and user-friendly interface on both desktop and mobile devices. To connect with any of the Avast servers, you need only a few clicks and you are good. And selecting your preferred locations is easy peasy, as there's a list of locations available on a single screen from which you can choose any. It also features a preference menu which is very handy in setting up a tailored and customized experience whenever you want. Whether you are using AMD Android or iOS smart devices, it doesn't matter. The usability of this is as simple as ABC as there is a mobile version available in both Android's Playstore and Apple's iOS store. So, all it takes to go hidden and secure is a single tap while switching servers is likewise a breeze.

Proactive customer support

As a user, you will run into one or two technical issues that require an expert's immediate attention. You don't need to worry when such technical problems eventually come up; you can easily get a fast diagnosis and consultation from Avast SecureLine experts through three mediums: a phone line, live support, and a support ticket.

The customer service line available 24/7. Amazingly, any call you make in the process is free. There's more to Avast SecureLine VPN support,  a knowledge base full of helpful articles, forums, and tons of support pages where you can easily find all you need by simply typing in a few words there-in.

Another platform where you can reach them is their Twitter account, which affords users to send in tons of direct messages.

Avast Secureline VPN Pricing & Payment

Thankfully enough, Avast didn't offer a super expensive multi-device pricing tier. Unlike other platforms with standard one-month, six-month, or even a year package, they instead remarkably rolled out a serviceable pricing scheme far better and satisfactory for customers. The best part is how their pricing is directly proportional to the device you wish to connect it on, thus powering it up to securing up to five devices on any platform.

Avast SecureLine VPN, five devices plan is just $79.99, and each device costs around $6.67 per year and month respectively? This best price goes on to PC and Mac, which is $59.99 per year and $5 per month exclusively for accessing one single device only. That of Android, iPad, and iPhone is nothing less than $19.99 and $1.67 per year and month, respectively, to access only one mobile device.

When it comes to payment, they've provided several payment options with which payment could be easily made; credit cards, PayPal, Bpay, Alipay, et cetera.

Besides, you can rightly test out their service within the free 7-day trial period, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee period. That's not all; if you opt for a longer subscription with Avast SecureLine VPN, there is a guarantee of getting a discount off the monthly price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avast

  1. How do I activate Avast SecureLine VPN?

Activating Avast SecureLine VPN is just as easy as closing your eyes. The only prerequisite is to pay for the subscription, after which you will receive an activation code via email. Upon receipt of the code, the steps below are what you need to follow;

  • Open Avast SecureLine VPN on your desktop.
  • Click on enter activation code under the “menu”
  • Type or paste the activation code into the box and then click enter
  • Select your subscription details and follow it by clicking continue.

There you have it, and that's all about activating Avast SecureLine VPN.

  1. Why can't I browse the internet when I connect to Avast SecureLine VPN?
  • This is a common problem that can be easily solved. Below is a step-by-step guide to follow
  • Check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi or hotspot.
  • Ensure you accept all required terms and conditions.
  • Disable the smart multi-homed name resolution service to allow your DNS resolver to be working efficiently.
  1. How do I get started using Avast SecureLine VPN?

To protect your privacy and connection, Avast SecureLine VPN has made it possible to directly connect to the internet through the medium of secure Avast VPN servers.  To get started, install, and activate the Avast SecureLine VPN app. To avoid connection errors, go through these guidelines

Connect and activate app:

  1. Open the Avast SecureLine on your desktop and get started by switching to “on mode.”
  2. Change your location by clicking on the change button.
  3. Choose the location of your choice, and you are good to go!

To manage settings

  1. Click the setting option under the “Menu” section on the main screen.
  2. Select the desired option you wish to change in the left panel.

To switch to VPN mode:

  1. Select the “Manual” switch to allow Avast SecureLine VPN to connect and disconnect automatically.
  2. Turn on the VPN
  3. Activate the kill switch to keep your online activity private.

2 common problems Related TO Avast VPN and solutions

  1. Avast SecureLine VPN is not compatible with Netflix.

With the capacity of Netflix, it has invested heavily in ensuring that users are unable to use VPN on its platform. This is more evident when you try streaming videos that are available in your location. Hopefully, Avast SecureLine will update its servers with profiles dedicated to streaming multiple Netflix catalogs, Hulu, Amazon prime video, and BBC iPlayer in the nearest future.

  1. Router Unsupported

Avast SecureLine VPN is a basic software designed for PCs and mobile devices only. Routers, on the other hand, cannot work with Avast SecureLine VPN. To secure your router, install some other advanced VPN on the router directly. With this, you can keep your activities safe and save yourself the stress of signing-in frequently.


Despite the enormous advantages of the internet, it has been made really unsafe by series of marauding fraudsters.  Hence, to continue enjoying the benefits of the internet, you have to consider security-enhancing software like the Avast SecureLine VPN.

In this piece, we have unraveled almost everything there is about the Avast SecureLine VPN. Ranging from the history to the ways of activating and solution to likely problems you can encounter, this article will take you through the VPN adventure seamlessly. You just know there no more worries for you on the internet with Avast SecureLine VPN.

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